Basic Requirements
1. Newly-issued copies of Baptismal and Confirmation Certificates of Groom and Bride, to be secured from the churches where they were baptized and confirmed, with validity of six months prior to the wedding and bears the notation “For Marriage Purposes”.

2. Marriage License from the City or Municipal Hall of the Groom and the Bride with a validity period of one hundred and twenty (120) days prior to submission to Malate Church. If possible, it should be submitted during the canonical interview.

3. An NSO copy or Certified True Copy of Civil Marriage Contract for those who have been previously married in civil rites.

4. A Canonical Interview to be conducted by a Malate Priest at least two (2) months before the wedding. The couple will be scheduled for canonical interview after the submission of requirements stated in paragraphs 1 to 3 above and at least three (3) months prior to wedding date.

5. Publication of Wedding Banns and Freedom to Marry. These documents are prepared by the Parish office and will be given to the couple after the canonical interview. The banns will be published or posted for three (3) consecutive Sundays in the parishes where the couple reside.

6. Attendance in a Pre-Marriage Seminar of the Parish for two (2) consecutive Sundays from 8:30-12:00nn

Additional Requirements
A. For Filipinos coming from abroad:
1. Submit all the basic requirements at least two months before the wedding.

2. Complete the Canonical interview at least two weeks before the wedding.

3. Submit a Certificate of Freedom to Marry if they have been away from the Philippines for more than six months. This is to be secured from the church where he/she worships.

4. Attendance in a two Pre-Marriage seminars or submit a certificate stating that they have attended a similar seminar abroad.

B. For Marriage between a Filipino and a foreign national:
1. Submit a Clearance or a Certification of Legal Capacity to Marry issued by the foreign national’s embassy or consulate in the Philippines.

2. Submit a Certificate of Freedom to Marry secured from his church in his country.

3. Clearance issued by the Chancery office, Archdiocese of Manila (Tel Nos 5273955, 4050093).

C. If the foreign national is a Divorcee:
1. If there was a previous church marriage, he/she must secure a Clearance from the Matrimonial Tribunal and Chancery office of the Arzobispado de Manila.

2. If there was a previous civil marriage, he/she must secure a Certified True copy of a Court decision annulling the marriage, and a certified true copy of the Marriage Contract bearing the notation: “Null and Void” or any such statement that the marriage has been annulled.

D. In Mixed Marriages (marriage between two persons with different religions):
1. The parties must fill up and sign a Promise and Declaration form during the canonical interview. This form will be submitted to the Chancery office of the Archdiocese of Manila for approval.

E. A Widower/Widow should produce a Death Certificate of the deceased spouse.

F. For Wedding Anniversaries , the couple shall submit a copy of their Church Marriage Contract.

Weekday Mornings
Weekdays only (Monday – Friday) 9:00 am. P 5,000.00
Maximum of four (4) pairs of Principal Sponsors

Weekdays - Weekdays only (Monday – Friday)
10:30 am, 12:00 nn. P 10,000.00
2:30 pm, 4:00 pm. P 12,000.00
Maximum of six (6) pairs of Principal Sponsors.

Saturdays and National Holidays
9:00 am, 12:00 nn. P 15,000.00. Maximum of eight (8) pairs of Principal Sponsors.
2:30 pm. P 17,000.00. Maximum of ten (10) pairs of Principal Sponsors.
4:00 pm. P 20,000.00. Maximum of twelve (12) pairs of Principal Sponsors.
7:00 pm. P 24,000.00. Maximum of twelve (12) pairs of Principal Sponsors.

– three (3) times a year. Donation.

Discount for Malate Residents (Parishioners):
Economy – 50% Regular – 25% Grand – 10%

Reservation fee (non-refundable ) 50%
Full Payment – Two (2) weeks before the wedding and upon completion of requirements 50%

Wedding package is inclusive of the following:
White flowers (10 pots along the nave and 3 pots in the Sanctuary) and Tulle décor
Candles (for candle sponsor)
Red carpet
Lighted Chandeliers
Availability of Usher and Church staff
Use of the Church for 1 hour and 15 minutes

Reconciliation – Held every Wednesday before the First Friday of the month
Blessings – By appointment
Sick Visitation & Holy Anointing – Sick visits are done weekly, every Wednesday by a priest assigned, assisted by members of the Legion of Mary
Schedule of weekly visitations:
     o Area 6 – Every first Wednesday
     o Areas 1 to 7 – Every second Wednesday
     o Area 8 – Every third Wednesday
     o Area 9 – Every fourth Wednesday
Sunday visits are assigned to the Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion.
Counseling – By appointment. Please contact the parish office.
Adoration Chapel
Mortuary Chapel – currently undergoing renovation.

Parish Educational Assistance Program (PEAP)
The Parish Educational Assistance Program provides financial assistance to qualified children from the parish. Applicants for scholarship are selected by the screening committee composed of parish staff and area leaders. Part of the program also is the regular meetings of scholars and their parents. Every third Saturday of the month, Spiritual formation, leadership seminars and personality development programs are conducted for the students conducted by the Education Committee. PEAP Parents likewise benefit from these formations. They are also encouraged to actively participate in the various activities in their respective areas or in the church.

Pre-school / Nursery School
In 1986, Malate Catholic Church, through the help of ERDA Foundation Inc. Preparatory School, started an early childhood education program in the parish. The objective of this undertaking is to assist poor families in the community who cannot afford to send their children to school. It started with 2 classes, each with 15 students. Three hour sessions are held twice daily, 1 in the Morning and another in the afternoon. Through the years, the number of students have increased to about 30 per class. In 1994, Malate Catholic Church through Fr. Michael Martin and the Malate Catholic School, started a community-based Nursery school which is located at Barangay 702 and Barangay 704. This program has been operating in coordination with the Area Council. Similarly, only about 15 students were enrolled at the beginning but eventually increased to 25.

Malate Balik Dangal Program for street children (MABADAN)
a. Pre-school for street children – In 1998, the Church of Malate opened a school for street children. The objective is to give free education and provide them an opportunity towards a better future. It opened with only 10 students which gradually increased to 20. There is a challenge though in maintaining this count for the rest of the school year because it has been observed that by the second half of the school year, almost half of the students no longer come to school despite close supervision of the teachers. This program is ties with the Open Heart Foundation.
b. Scouting – In cooperation with the Boys Scouts of the Philippines, a scouting movement was established among street children in 2008. Under the supervision of Angel Leny Grace Deveza and Teacher Beth dela Cruz, the children conduct their patrol meetings every Saturday afternoon. Last summer, they held their first outdoor camping.
c. Feeding program – Started in 1994 by the parish with Divina Mabao as volunteer cook, this is held from Monday to Friday from 10:30 to 11:30 am and every first Saturday of the month with about 30 elderly and 40 children.
d. Summer Kiddie workshop – Mabadan scholars ages 6 to 10 years old undergo arts and reading workshops during the summer vacation. This is held every Monday to Friday for the whole month of April at the RTC.
e. Mayflower offering - Street children participate in the mayflower activities during the entire month of May. Activities include catechism and recitation of the Holy Rosary.

Prison Visitation – Every third Saturday of the month, parish volunteers together with one priest visit the Bicutan Correctional Facility. Eucharistic celebration is held participated in by the prisoners and other jail personnel. Volunteers assist inmates in contacting their families. Food items and other basic needs like toiletries are given to them during these monthly visits.

Livelihood Training Program – Together with the Manila Manpower of the Department of Social Welfare and Development, our parish offer livelihood/vocational courses. Four to five courses are offered every year to members of the community seeking to gain new skills to provide them opportunities for livelihood or employment. Courses offered include: Aromatherapy/reflexology, Hair-cutting, Hotel and Restaurant Management Service and Cooking/Food processing.

Community-based Rehabilitation Program for Persons with Disability
This rehabilitation program is undertaken by Kaisahan ng Magulang at Anak na Maykapansanan (KAISAKA, INC.), registered with the SEC in 1989 with mothers and persons with disabilities themselves as frontrunners of the program. Its mission is to develop and provide wholistic rehabilitation service both in quality and in quantity.

Coordinator: Jeannifer Villanueva
Volunteers: Bheng Amba, Alma Norico, Maria Hilvano, Fely Baris and Elsa Gasper Occupational
Teacher: Elizabeth Calica
Physical Therapists: Helen and Allain Ocampo

Programs offered:
a. Early intervention – classes for young children with disabilities, mainstreaming to regular classes and summer tutorial programs. Every Tuesday and Thursday 1:00 to 3:00pm
b. Occupational therapy – one hour one-on-one occupational therapy. Service is available on Mondays and Fridays only.
c. Physical therapy – every Wednesday; Morning sessions at the center and home visitations in the afternoon
d. Area Visitation – home visits conducting occupational/physical therapy, tutorial, advise on child development and management
e. Community organizing – community development, formations and networking

Vicariate Health Clinic
Established by Caritas Manila, Inc. in August 2006 together with the parishes under Nuestra Señora de Guia Vicariate, its main thrust is to provide free medical consultation to persons living within the said vicariate. Ellen Albert is the VHC coordinator with Dr. Antonio Montalban as consultant. Volunteer parishioners man the registration and pharmacy during clinic hours.

Schedule of consultations:
9:00AM to 11:00AM – Pedia
4:00PM to 6:00PM – General Medicine
4:00PM to 6:00PM – Orthopedic and Minor surgery
9:00AM to 11:00AM – Pedia
4:00PM to 6:00PM – Internal Medicine
9:00AM to 11:00AM– Pedia
4:00PM to 6:00PM – OBGyne

Street Family Program – under the Social Service Ministry, this program provides feeding program for the street children within the parish, preparatory class for the street children conducted from Mondays through Fridays at the RTC, educational assistance, health services and others. Parents benefit from this program thru the seminars on parenting and livelihood trainings provided, as well as medical and transportation assistance. Street visitations are done through the help of the Legion of Mary to inform street families about the available programs of the parish that they can avail of and also to provide them with medicines.

Elderly Program – Feeding program for about 30 elderly in the community from Mondays through Fridays at lunch time. Bible Sharing sessions for them on Thursdays.

Walk-in clients – various services are provided to walk –in clients through referrals, counseling on crises intervention, especially for women and children; transportation assistance; financial assistance through temporary employment (on an hour-to-hour and case-to-case basis), medical assistance through networking alliance with the health centers, and public hospitals.

Malate Legal Aid Center – Organized in 2010, the Malate Legal Aid Center provides free legal advise to the Malate Parish Community. Lectures on certain laws are also provided to Legal Desk Volunteers.

Youth-Training Formation/Seminars
Youth Encounter – A three day Scripture based formation program that deals with one’s basic relationship with God, others, oneself and life situation; it makes the Word of God fully alive, vibrant and relevant. It is also a journey with Christ and His Paschal Mystery, from blindness to light, from being a crowd to being a community, from rejection to affirmation, and from hatred to love. It promotes Christian Community Living and it is a process of growth that leads to a deeper Christian commitment.

Youth Experience of Ecozoic Living and Learning (YELL) – A three day workshop that promotes our interconnectedness with God’s whole creation and our role as God’s stewards. The program includes storytelling of the New Story of Creation. Here, the participants get hands on experience on how to respect and care for the earth through cleaning the pond, feeding the chicken, toiling, gardening and weeding. Lastly, it includes teambuilding activities to enhance the creativity, cooperation and leadership skill of the group

Film Viewing – Started in the second half of Year 2009, the youth of the Parish attend a monthly formation through the use of film; after watching, there is processing undergone so that issues that need to be addressed may surface and some values may be learned.

Adult Faith Formation – Every Advent and Lenten Season and during Summer months, the OLRP invites speakers to nourish the spiritual needs of it’s volunteers and parishioners in the form of two hour recollections or series of talks.

Public Forum – Held every last Saturday of the month. Invited speakers share their knowledge on the issue selected for the month. Topics are usually about national issues confronting our nation. These monthly fora provide parishioners a more objective perspective on the topic on hand and empower them to better understand the issues affecting them and their families.

PUNLA – Punla is YE for children from ages 12-16 yrs. old. It is a formation that facilitates children to grow in self-identity; value, respect and love of family, camaraderie among peers, volunteerism in the community and deepening of faith and personal relationship with God.

The module is composed of:
MY SELF: This helps participants to discover their core and self-identity through inputs and activities
MY FAMILY: This assesses their relationship within their family including their roles and responsibilities. It emphasizes on the significance of communication and the value of listening in achieving harmonious relationship in the family
MY COMMUNITY: This is to develop the group to work as a community. It is mainly team building activities and inputs on the importance of unity in building community
MY GOD: This gives a venue for children to know God and establish a personal relationship with Him

Summer Camp – A three day program for children which main objective is for them to experience God’s creation through hands on learning: e.g. swimming in the river, planting trees and harvesting crops. They were given inputs on permaculture, waste segregation and ways to value Mother Earth. It is also a venue for kids to enhance their creativity and talents in drawing, dancing and drama.

Parenting Formation
There is a monthly parenting formation given to parents whose children are beneficiaries of the Parish. Some of the topics are Open Communication, Bad Habits that can ruin your Marriage, Healing Hurts etc.